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"As a beauty reviewer, I’ve tested countless skincare products. Many make lofty claims while others promise the bare minimal. I’m always looking for the product that will set itself apart from the others. I expect it to have a distinguishable characteristic or result that will “wow” me...

"Initially, I felt a little silly doing the “affirmacizes”. This type of thing seemed more appropriate for a yoga studio than my bathroom. But after a few days, I realized just how powerful these daily affirmations can be, especially for those women who have really lost confidence in their appearance...

"One of my favorite products was the Time Reversal Eye Cream. I’ve tried several eye creams that target lines including crow’s feet. I haven’t had much luck. I was thrilled with the results of the Time Reversal Eye Cream. I saw significant improvement in the lines under my eyes, and my crow’s feet were less prominent...

"On my forehead, I used the Time Rewind Anti-Wrinkle Serum. This is best used for those areas with deeper wrinkles caused by repeated facial movements. For me, my forehead was the perfect place to use this serum. Although the serum was a bit thin and watery, it worked wonders on my forehead. I saw a definite reduction in my forehead wrinkles. They were not totally eliminated, but they were reduced to the point where I was incredibly pleased with the results.

"after cleansing and applying the serums, I applied the Dermal Nutrition Antioxidant (DNA) Repair Cream. I loved how this cream targeted the redness that I have as a result of rosacea. While it didn’t eliminate all of my redness, when used repeatedly, there was reduction in my redness by about 30%. This repair cream is like applying liquid silk to your skin. It’s so soft and soothing and has a cooling effect on my skin."

--Deborah Boland

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"I’ve been wanting to find a skin care line that tackles tough problems like wrinkles, dull, uneven skin tone, and dark circles, but that wouldn’t make me feel bad about what’s been feeling like a slow, downhill slide...Skin Beautfiul Dermaceuticals say their skin system was designed to 'awaken the beauty within in you first. Your long-lost love for your skin will be revived from within you. Then, the anti-aging products (repair creams, eye serums, rescue and oxygen treatments) will address the skin from the outside.'


So…guess what? I’m putting these products to the test. Skin Beautiful is sending me some free samples and I’ll have a full review up within 2 weeks so you can find out how these products actually measure up. I promise to be totally honest about my findings. In the meantime, you can learn more about Skin Beautiful Dermaceuticals and take a look at the product line by visiting

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"I have been faithfully using their Best Defense Serum and the Firm Control Serum, and doing my daily affirmacizes...I have been so surprised at how not only have the positive statements made me feel better about myself inside, I really have noticed a change in my appearance. If nothing else, I smile more, which always makes a person more
beautiful. :-)

But truthfully, I have loved the products I have tried. My skin feels hydrated and invigorated after I use them, and my makeup looks so much nicer when I apply it after using the serums...While I may not look 20 years younger, I definitely have noticed a difference, especially around my mouth and under my eyes."

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Certified Fabulous

"I obsess over eye creams so this one (Time Reversal Eye Cream) was nothing less than perfect for my skin needs and gave my eyes instant rejuvenation, even on the days I did not feel least my eyes did! They offer more products for achieving skin perfection so check them out! I will continue my routine with my given Affirmacizes and see how my inner radiance can help boost the outside appearance :)"

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"To be quite honest, I don’t usually place much stock into anti-aging beauty products. I kind of figure they are all about the same. But when I was introduced to Skin Beautiful Dermaceuticals, I was intrigued by their completely unique approach to skincare. Basically they believe, like I do, that beauty is only skin deep and TRUE beauty comes from within (with a little help from some good ingredients on the outside too).

I was so impressed by this approach I have decided to give it a try! For the next two weeks I will add to my daily skincare routine two of Skin Beautiful Dermaceuticals' most popular products – the Best Defense Serum and the Firm Control Serum…..AND I will faithfully perform my daily “Affirmacizes” along with it."

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