About Us

Skin Beautiful Dermaceuticals™ (SBD) is a ground-breaking philosophy, practice, and skincare line that harnesses the science of empowering positive mental thoughts and actions with natural based, clinically proven anti-aging products.

Kathleen Eickholt founded a company called Skin Beautiful in 2006 after she grew disappointed in the skincare and anti-aging products available in the market place. Many products claimed to deliver results, but actually did not contain ingredients — or the proper levels of active ingredients — that were scientifically proven to work. And products that might actually work often contained questionable ingredients that might be harmful to either humans or the environment. Kathleen set out to create a line of products that delivered results without being harmful to either consumers or our planet.

In 2011, Kathleen became aware that many women needed more than just effective anti-aging skincare products. Sadly, many women held negative beliefs about themselves and failed the see their true inner and outer beauty, regardless of what the mirror actually revealed. Kathleen set out to create a line that would provide women with inner beauty while simulteneously promoting outer beauty. She believed that the two were actually synergistic and that a true anti-aging beauty routine would incorporate both products and loving behaviors and thoughts. Thus, Skin Beautiful Dermaceuticals™ (SBD) was created in 2011 and made its official launch in 2013.

SBD is the first advanced skincare system designed to cultivate and awaken both inner and outer beauty by incorporating daily affirmations, or Affirmacizes, into a daily beauty skincare ritual that fights the signs of aging and manifests in purely radiant skin.

Inspired and created by wellness and skincare enthusiast CEO, Kathleen Eickholt.

Endorsed by holistic psychologist, Dr. Brenda Wade, who has appeared on Good Morning America, The TODAY Show, Oprah and the national PBS show Healing Quest.

Co-developed and formulated by Mollie Jensen, product award-winner for innovative natural brands such as Zia Natural Skincare.

All Skin Beautiful Dermaceuticals™ products are natural based, and are free of parabens, artificial fragrance and colorants, phthalates, and formaldehyde releasing preservatives. We do not engage in animal testing or use any suppliedrs that engage in animal testing. There are no animal products or byproducts in any of our products. All SBD products are made in the USA.

At Skin Beautiful Dermaceuticals™, we love your skin with natural based, clinically proven products that visibly reduce the signs of aging. With Skin Beautiful Dermaceuticals™, you’ll look younger while feeling younger, which is truly the best of both worlds!