Beautiful Touch

Beautiful Touch - by Dr. Brenda Wade


You may not realize that how you apply your anti-aging skin care products can actually make a huge difference in the results you will achieve. If you’re like most women, you probably try to get your routine over with as quickly as possible and hope for the best. At Skin Beautiful Dermaceuticals™, we believe in a holistic concept that utilizes the power of conscious thought and touch combined with scientifically proven anti-aging skin care products. We can teach you how to create or optimize your anti-aging

routine so that you both feel — and look — more beautiful.

Picture the following scene: You and your lover are lying in a romantic bedroom. The candles are lit and sensual music is playing. You are in the mood for love. Suddenly, out of nowhere, your beloved splashes cold water on your face, slaps cold cream all around and starts carelessly slathering it everywhere! Then, they smear on a scratchy scrub and begin scouring your skin. Adding insult to injury, more cold water is dumped on you and finally a towel is rubbed all over your face to dry it.

Still in the mood for love?

Not likely.

But a parallel remains. One that begs a question: When you apply your skin care products or wash your face, how do you normally touch your skin? Do you smear it around and slather it on, like the careless lover in the scenario above, thinking, “let’s get this over with as quickly as possible?” And as you do, are you thinking, “Look at those puffy eyes and crows feet.” or “How much does plastic surgery cost?” There’s nothing loving about self-loath.

It’s a pattern of thought – and one we must change – for the truth of the matter is that how we touch our skin can heal us or it can cause us harm. The difference lies in the thoughts we link to the action, and the attitude they create. Isn’t it time you made your touch healing and beautifying? You can – by being conscious and touching your skin gently and lovingly, while you use your Affirmacizes. Take your time. Enjoy the moment while always carefully remembering the mirror wants to be your friend, not your enemy. Skin Beautiful Dermaceuticals™ shows you how to do this. It is the first product line that creates a holistic environment for beauty by teaching you to combine beautiful thoughts and actions with powerful anti-aging products.

Specific Beautiful Touch Patterns

  1. Before applying your Skin Beautiful Dermaceuticals™ products, begin the following ritual: Take three deep cleansing breaths, letting go of stress, worry and hurry with each of the three exhalations. Try visualizing it now as you read this. It already feels better.
  2. Next, rub your hands together, visualizing a ball of golden light between your hands. As you do this, think to yourself: “This is a ball of light and love.”
  3. Now, fill your hands with water, and visualize that the water is filled with the sparkling golden light of love, and you’re gently caressing your face with this light and energy.
  4. Begin your Skin Beautiful Dermaceuticals™ product regimen while stating your Affirmacizes and using the Beautiful Touch patterns.

*Inspired by the book, Self Healing Exercises, by Chow Chow Imamoto.