What do you think when you look in the mirror? Do you gasp at those puffy eyes and bags? Consider plastic surgery? Maybe you even avoid looking at yourself if you pass by a mirror in a department store.

At Skin Beautiful Dermaceuticals™, we believe that looking younger is a holistic concept. Yes, there are some powerful, anti-aging ingredients you can use that will get rid of those bags and puffs, like our Lighten Up Eye Serum. We have a variety of clinically proven, anti-aging products that will restore younger looking skin and create a more youthful looking vitality.

But we also believe that true beauty really shines when you use your mind in combination with our powerful anti-aging skincare products. That’s why all Skin Beautiful Dermaceuticals™ products come packaged with a unique affirmation, or Affirmacize, which you can easily adhere to your bathroom mirror. When you begin your daily beauty ritual, we ask that you repeat the Affirmacizes over and over in your mind while you use the respective products. This process will allow your mind to become a powerful ally in helping to heal your skin alongside our potent skin care ingredients. The more Skin Beautiful Dermaceuticals™ products you use, the more Affirmacizes you will collect, creating a powerful, enlightened beauty ritual beyond any other skin care system. With Skin Beautiful Dermaceuticals™, you will truly look — and feel — more beautiful.

You have probably heard of affirmations and visualizations before. They are thoughts and images that have been proven to reprogram our brains, which in turn can change anything we focus on. We put some of the most powerful scientific findings to work, enabling you to become the master of your own mind while providing the nourishment your skin needs to stay young and healthy. In the following section, I’ll explain how this works, and how you can begin to tap the power of your mind.

But first, I’d like to start with a story that took place in my first year of graduate school. At the time, I was teaching in the child development research pre-school at the University Of Washington in Seattle. One day, I heard a little boy and girl screaming and shouting at one another in the most angry and insulting way. They were inside a beautiful wooden playhouse constructed on the playground. Thinking something was horribly wrong, raced over to these little four year-olds and asked, “Jimmy, Susie, what is going on? Why are you fighting?” They turned their huge, innocent, eyes on me and said, “Mith’ Wade, we’re not fighting, we’re playing Mommy and Daddy!”

Amazing, right? Yet beyond shining a light on larger socio-logical issues perhaps at work, this moment actually highlights a very important principle about the brain. Up until the age of seven, there is no conscious thought. The brain functions like a video camera, downloading everything that we see, hear, taste, touch, or smell. The brain can only learn through the five senses. Which means in essence we all learned patterns of thought just like Susie and Jimmy. Some of which are negative, about ourselves, our worlds and clearly, our relationships. And those thoughts can manifest and reveal themselves later on in our lives anywhere. Including on our skin.

Every thought we think, especially those about ourselves, either creates a feeling of security, which lowers the level of stress hormones in our blood, or creates a feeling of anxiety, which raises the level of stress hormones in our blood. Those hormones, primarily cortisol, among other negative things, create inflammation. Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, a molecular biologist, won a Nobel Prize for her work in discovering that stress breaks the microscopic genetic strands known as telomeres. When your telomeres break down so does every part of your body, but especially the skin. To prevent this from happening, we must create mental patterns that help us to relax and thereby improve the health of every part of the body. Choosing to generate calmer, more productive thoughts not only makes us happier and easier to get along with, they can actually help improve our skin.

Building further on this, Dr. Harold Benson, the founder of the Harvard School of Mind Body Medicine, discovered that rapidly repeating words and thoughts that are spiritual or uplifting, (words like “ocean” “one” or “love,”) can have a huge positive impact on you. Chanting positive words or phrases lowers blood pressure, improves immune function and keeps us feeling energized.

It’s simple and intuitive. Positive thoughts create a positive mind. Positive thoughts create a positive mind. And a positive mind creates a positive life.

Epi Genetics: Changing Your Mind to Change Your Body

Now, lets talk about epigenetic control. (Don’t worry if you haven’t the foggiest notion what that means.) I’ll explain. In essence, Epi-genetics is one of the latest, cutting-edge areas of science. Dr. Bruce Lipton, a former Stanford University professor, found that we literally change the environment of our cells by changing our minds! The net-net of the research suggests if we change our thoughts, and our mood, we can actually change our lives. Even the health and age appearance of our bodies.

So how do we change the environment of our cells by changing our minds? Well, remember when you fell in love? A great feeling every human craves. That’s because when we feel love, we feel more alive and research shows we are actually healthier and more energized as a result of it. On the other hand, when we feel fear and stress, the body shuts down everything except the fight or flight response.

Through shifting our focus to the positive and making sure that the environment we create for our bodies is a beneficial one, we can ensure that the bodies we live and move in are running in a youthful, tip-top form. So here’s to happy thoughts!

Beauty From The Inside Out

There’s one more piece of the puzzle we should take a moment to consider: How our thoughts create our feelings.

Dr. Aaron Beck researched depression for fifty years at the University of Pennsylvania. During his research, he found something quite interesting about depressed people. They all had one thing in common: a pattern of negative thinking. He went on to discover that when those depressed folks practiced positive thought patterns, they stopped being depressed.

And his research is corroborated by other studies. Many of which show even people with life threatening illness can change their minds and change the trajectory of illness (even going into remission and healing) by using mind power.

A colleague of mine who happens to be a leading pathologist gives every one of his patients a physical image of their tumor. When I asked him why, he said, “before I started doing this I realized I had a number of my patients had been returning with drastically reduced tumors, more than could be explained by the normal course of treatment. When I asked them what they had been doing, they answered, ‘visualizing it shrinking.’” He then realized he would be irresponsible as a doctor if he didn’t encourage all of his patients to “visualize it shrinking”.

This is also true for our skin. Remember the radiant glow you had when you were in love? Were you thinking positive thoughts about your beloved? Did you think more positive thoughts about yourself and your life? I’ll bet you smiled at everyone in the supermarket and on the street. Wouldn’t you want to experience that sense of inner and outer peace and love and beauty every day?

With all of this research and food for thought in mind, I’m delighted to introduce you to Skin Beautiful Dermaceuticals™, the first anti-aging product line that creates an environment for health and beauty from the inside out — by teaching you how to combine beautiful thoughts with proven anti-aging skin care products.