Meet the Doctors – The proven Science of Nature & Nurture


Dr. Amit Gosawani, Ph.D
, a theoretical quantum physicist, helps us understand how the energy of thoughts shapes our existence. His work also demonstrates how the “four quadrants: body,emotions,mind,and spirit” are linked to one another.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D, a world renowned scientist, lecturer and academic, was the first to discover the link between our thoughts and the health of our cells. His breakthrough research on cell membranes revealed the link between cell health and the environment.This, in turn, led to Lipton’s conclusion that even our genes and our DNA can be influenced by our beliefs.

Dr. Aaron Beck, Ph.D, revolutionized both our understanding and treatment of depression. He found that negative thoughts increase depression, whereas positive thoughts increase mental and emotional wellbeing. He is widely recognized as the father of Cognitive Based Therapy (CBT). Upon its introduction over 40 years ago, CBT was widely hailed as a breakthrough treatment because it focused on changing negative thought patterns to create physical and emotional change. Dr. Beck’s cognitive therapy is widely practiced and has proven to be an effective treatment for anxiety and depression as well as physical ailments such as IBS, cancer and diabetes, once again demonstrating the mind controls the body.

Dr. Candace Pert, Ph.D, a world-renowned neuroscientist and pharmacologist, was made famous, in part, by the film, “What the Bleep Do We Know?” An animated sequence in the film actually depicts the microscopic protein molecules carrying around the chemical compounds of our emotions. She has spent years exploring the relationship between our body, mind, emotions, and health. Her 1997 breakthrough book, “Molecules of Emotions”, served as the missing link connecting the messages of the mind to physiological effects in the body.

Dr. Herbert Benson, Ph.D, has spent 35+ years exploring the connection between the mind and the body. He is widely recognized as one of the first doctors to incorporate spirituality and healing into medicine. This work led him to define the “Relaxation Response,” the opposite of the stress response. He continues to teach and investigate its use in countering the harmful physical and psychological effects of stress on the mind and the body. He founded the Harvard School of Mind Body Medicine.

These five leading scientists, and many others, point toward a powerful conclusion. One that sages, throughout the ages, have declared: You receive according to your beliefs, or in other words, your thoughts help create your reality. We all want to think thoughts and speak words that create a peaceful, loving, and joyful reality for ourselves and everyone around us. This is true physically (as well as in every other area of our lives), when we think loving, constructive thoughts about ourselves, especially our bodies, the body responds by becoming stronger, healthier, more vibrant, and even more beautiful and younger looking.