Try us out! Samples allow our customers to give our products a test drive before committing to a full-size purchase. To order samples, simply choose the product you are interested in and select the sample size.

Most samples will last anywhere from a few days (cleansers and facial cream) to a week or more (serums), depending on the amount of product applied and frequency of application. Eye treatment samples will last at least two weeks, if not longer, because the amount applied is much less.

Please note that you may not notice the full benefits of a product with a sample size purchase as some products do take more than one week to produce the full results and benefits. This is especially true for products designed to lighten the skin, such as our Perfectly Spotless Serum. You will, however, be able to determine if you like how the product feels and whether it works well with your skin type.

Also, we do offer a money back guarantee on all our of full-sized products, so in the event a full-size purchase doesn’t meet your expectations, you are free to return it!

Because samples are sold at or below cost, we reserve the right to refuse multiple repeat orders for the same product samples.

Thank you for helping us to keep our prices as low as possible and please have fun shopping with us!